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Inside Look: What cities were buying and planning in March 2019

Submitted by scc partner on April 5, 2019

One of the best ways to see what’s happening in cities is to look at the projects they are planning and implementing. Our monthly Inside Look series does just that. Here’s a wrap-up of some of March’s biggest projects, compiled by GovWin from Deltek. — Kevin Ebi

By Nick Schiffler, Deltek

Here are 10 smart city projects from the past month that were awarded to a vendor, recently put out to bid or included in an agency’s future spending plan:

Recent Contract Awards
GovWin IQ tracks government projects through their entire lifecycle, including contract award announcements. Here’s three examples of the kinds of “smart” projects that have recently been awarded to vendors by cities across the U.S.

Flood Risk Management – City of Bloomsburg, PA
Bloomsburg has agreed to a $12.8M contract with HRI, Inc. Utilities Group for construction related to the city’s flood risk management expansion program.

Traffic Signal Control Cabinets – City of Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix is approving a five-year term contract with Econolite Control Products, Inc. worth approximately $6.3M to purchase traffic signal control cabinets for the street transportation department.

ITS Communications Systems Upgrade – City of Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles has awarded a deal worth nearly $5M to Select Electric, Inc. for a communications systems upgrade related to the city’s intelligent transportation system.

Currently Open Bids and RFPs
Bids and RFPs are the bread and butter of government contracting. These smart city projects are a few examples of the kinds of contracts agencies have recently put out to bid.

High-Efficiency Water Management – City of Riverside, CA
Riverside released an RFP seeking vendors to provide smart water management, including an irrigation controller and provision and installation of high-efficiency sprinklers.

Wireless Public Announcement System – City of Oxford, MS
Oxford is receiving sealed bids for vendors who can furnish labor and materials for the installation of a wireless public announcement system in multiple locations.

Municipal Fiber Optic Network – Town of North Attleborough, MA
North Attleborough has put out a bid for installation of new fiber optic cable, which includes both aerial and underground segments and splices to join new segments to the network.

Fleet Electrification Study – City of Fremont, CA
Ventura is looking for vendors to provide an assessment of the city’s fleet vehicles that are eligible for conversion to plug-in battery electric, and a determination of energy infrastructure requirements.

Future Leads in Budgets and Spending Plans
Companies interested in selling smart products or services can get the most foresight by finding potential projects within agency budgets and capital spending plans. These projects, found in GovWin IQ, provide vendors with forward visibility to make more strategic decisions. For agencies, the same information offers a look into the spending areas that local officials are beginning to budget for over the coming months and years.

Green Infrastructure Retrofit – City of Austin, TX
Austin will include $3M in its capital improvement plan, starting in 2020, to retrofit right-of-ways with green infrastructure at multiple locations across the city.

Sidewalk Accessibility Improvement – City of St. Peters, MO
St. Peters is preparing to allocate more than $2M for the replacement of damaged sidewalk sections, replacing and improving them to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Street Light Improvements – Town of Vail, CO
Vail is including a total of $375K in its budget to be spent between 2019 and 2023 on annual maintenance to the city’s street lights, plus LED light enhancements.

Nick Schiffler is a business-to-government (B2G) market analyst and content marketer for GovWin from Deltek. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest government market insights.