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How CRG's multi-purpose platform paves the way to integrated eGov

Submitted by scc staff on March 25, 2015


Image removed.When cities ask me to boil down my advice to a word or two, I often answer "multi-purpose." Cities need to leverage their investments so they buy once and use many times. This is true for their physical infrastructure. And it is true for their software tools. Civic Resource Group (CRG) is pioneering a powerful, multi-purpose platform. Build a first quick starter app today. When you are ready to expand, you already have the tool and the knowledge to use it. This is an important evolution in smart city software. – Jesse Berst

Civic Resource Group – a leading provider of digital government solutions – has launched CivicConnect™ 3.0, its next-generation digital platform. CivicConnect provides a tightly integrated suite of information-rich smart city applications.

Utilized by cities of all sizes, CivicConnect includes:

  • City Portal Management
  • 511/Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
  • 311/Citizen Requests
  • Asset Management
  • Open Data
  • City Sustainability Management

The platform provides real-time access to relevant city information accessible in multiple mediums and form factors including mobile devices, kiosks and social media. It also supports new and emerging technologies including big data and analytics to give cities a 360-degree view of vital information -- all in real time. 

Integrates with legacy apps
CRG says CivicConnect was built with interoperability and mobility in mind, allowing for tight integration with a city's existing and legacy line of business applications. That allows cities to deliver leading-edge solutions while protecting existing investments.

A Council Associate Partner, CRG has been serving the broad public sector since 2000, delivering cutting-edge solutions that facilitate openness, transparency, safety and efficient service delivery. For example, working with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the largest municipal planning organization in the nation, CRG launched the nation’s first interactive regional transportation plan (iRTP) – the 2012-2035 RTP/Sustainable Communities Strategy.

The interactive RTP was built on a customized version of CRG’s CivicConnect web/data platform and allows the public to view the entire regional plan online, search and download data, maps and images, and provide their input/comment directly in the body of the text. The iRTP encourages the public to participate in the government planning process.


Jesse Berst is the founding Chairman of the Smart Cities Council. Click to learn about the benefits you receive when you join the Council for free. Follow @Jesse_Berst and connect on LinkedIn.

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