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German e-health pilot will test passive digital monitoring of the elderly

Submitted by compassionatec… on April 4, 2016

Council Lead Partner ZTE Corporation, Telefónica Deutschland and the Dusseldorf Department of Health are teaming on an e-health pilot to improve the health and care of the city's elderly.

"The city of Dusseldorf wants to set a good example with the launch of this e-healthcare pilot," said Dr. Andreas Meyer-Falcke , the city's Health Councillor. "Digitization is not just a slogan for us. On the basis of this pilot project, we want to show that digital solutions are to the benefit of all and can be used to contribute to tangible improvements in living conditions and in particular healthcare."

Monitoring with sensors
The pilot will utilize passive digital monitoring of the behavior and movements of elderly using sensors, not cameras.  Relatives, friends or care givers will receive information via an app several times a day and a status message if everything is in order or if something is abnormal. If the latter is the case, preventive action can be taken. ZTE says the project will be scientifically monitored and evaluated.

" As one of the world leading players in the global smart city field, we are happy to support the city of Düsseldorf with intelligent digital solutions for smart healthcare and help to keep costs under control -- for health insurance, nursing services and the city,” said Zhang Renjun, SVP of ZTE. A Council Lead Partner, ZTE provides telecommunications equipment and network solutions globally.  

Using a cloud-based platform
Technically, the project is based on a cloud-based trend analysis platform from ZTE. The data collected from the sensors is transmitted to a gateway via mobile Internet and hosted in a ZTE data center in Dusseldorf, which is subject to German IT security legislation. The participants’ data is only accessible by authorized persons, whether they are family members, friends or caregivers.

Telefónica is the mobile partner on the project.

Pia von Houwald, Director of Business Development at Telefónica, called the project a "good combination of the benefits of digitalization with important questions regarding the future of social interaction."

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