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Garbage menace: NSCC suggests new concept of co-processing combustible non-recyclable waste

Garbage menace
Submitted by scc india staff on April 22, 2021

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has always been plagued by the problem of garbage disposal. In fact, last year on August 15, 2020, the garbage dumping area was closed by the residents of Urali Devachi. In an effort to solve the menace of garbage disposal in Pune, the National Society of Clean Cities (NSCC) has put forward a solution to deal with the segregated dry waste that has been accumulating at the dumping grounds.

Shyamala Desai, who leads the NSCC in Pune, said that they are proposing the concept of co-processing of combustible non-recyclable waste collected by PMC.

“Co-processing is substantially beneficial to the industry and community and provides a permanent solution to the waste management problem. It also helps reduce emission, lessens reliance on fossil fuels and preserves natural resources,” added Desai.

A cement company has given a commitment to PMC to process 100 MT/day combustible non-recyclable dry waste and offered to collect the waste from the municipal corporation. The cement company has agreed to run this trial initially for a month. The waste will be used as a fuel in the manufacture of cement. Cement kilns offer a great opportunity for solving the disposal issue of the combustible fraction.

In cement kilns, the dry waste not only gets disposed of in an environmentally sound manner but also gets utilized as an alternative fuel if the quality of the same is tuned to acceptable level of cement kilns. It is then commercially defined as an attractive proposition.