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The Future of Place Framework

The Future of Place Framework
Submitted by Adam Beck on December 16, 2021

We are delighted to release the Future of Place Framework, the culmination of years of thinking, and more recently, a year of structured and deep engagement with city shapers, technologists and policy makers across Australia and New Zealand.

This is a substantial milestone in our two year Future of Place project. It represents a halfway point. It provides a scope of work for the next phase of the project - the creation of a Future of Place Handbook.

At it's core, the Framework presents a set of Future of Place Principles of Practice, namely:

  • embrace technology and data solutions where they help amplify the quality of place, and human experience

  • design technology and data solutions with purpose, deploy with transparency and operate them ethically

  • uphold the principle that technology and data can help shape great places, but in support of other foundational enablers.

These principles will now guide the Handbook development process.

You can download the Future of Place Framework below.


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