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The Five Data Leadership Vitals

Submitted by Adam Beck on May 23, 2020

We are delighted to present the Data Leadership Vitals - Purpose, Privacy, Security, Ethics and Governance.

The Smart Cities Council launched the Centre for Data Leadership in January 2020 after more than three years of listening and learning about the role of data in generating insights for cities, and how this can accelerate benefit to our communities. Put simply, we believe we are not using data and insights to deliver the best possible social, environmental and economic benefits to the nation.

The data leadership vitals are in direct response to these observations. They are a set of opportunities we believe to have great leverage in building an organisational culture that values data and the insights that can be generated from it. We would consider them mandatory in any data journey.

We believe the data leadership vitals can help organisations accelerate the use of actionable intelligence to allocate resources where it can deliver the greatest impact to society. 

The Data Leadership Vitals are the 'north star' for data leadership. They provide a direction and path for building data leadership within your city.

We don't believe we have a data problem. But rather, a data leadership opportunity.

You can download the vitals below, and our supporting document called "Data Leadership Readiness Questions".