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First Session Nashville Mitigating the Impact of Urban Flooding (10/20/20)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on January 21, 2021

1st Session Nashville Mitigating the Impact of Urban Flooding (10/20/20)


See agenda/topic list below. See video where Nashville explains the problem. Download their presentation and the US Water Alliance 'Water Rising' report which provided a framework for the Smart Cities Council's work with Nashville. 

Agenda /Topics

October 20 Session - Topics


Introduction to Smart Cities Week Global and Collaborative Engagement process.

Introduce Faye DiMassimo

Philip Bane

Welcome from Nashville and introduction of Mayor John Cooper

Faye DiMassimo

Welcome Message from Mayor John Cooper*

Mayor John Cooper

Overview of urban flooding in Nashville and the use of ‘equity in design’ as a goal and process.  Introduction of Dr. Janey Camp

Faye DiMassimo

Overview of rest of program (data / goals and next step.) Introduce Roger Lindsey and Jennifer Higgs

Dr. Janey Camp

History of Flooding

Flood Impacts Photos for Nashville (2-3 slides) 

2010 Flood inundation and/or damaged parcels over SOVI (2010) - 

Proactive Efforts for Public Safety/Response

SAFE Screen Shots (1-2 slides) – first step toward proactive use of data for response, etc. 

Show gage coverage and precip from Harvey or other event (1 slide) – Tom (I know you have this to share)

Real Time HEC Modeling from USACE 

Mitigating Flood Impacts

Buyouts vs 2018 SOVI (with text box on slide about the) 

Murfreesboro Rd – lots of complaints and now its fixed 

Consideration of Vulnerable Populations for Future Planning and Those in Places that aren’t in Buyout Eligible Properties

Redlining data with call data (all - river and non-riverine areas) 

Infill development with non-river flooding call points 

Jennifer Higgs and Roger Lindsey

Dialogue between Dr. Camp and Tom Palko about unanswered questions, vulnerable populations not reached (renters) and possibly solutions not explore so far.