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Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions Joins Smart Cities Council

Submitted by Connie Heath on June 9, 2021

A nationwide leader in renewable and sustainable energy partners to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

 For Immediate Release – June 10, 2021

Washington, D.C. - based Smart Cities Council (SCC) is pleased to announce that Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, connecting customers with sustainable energy solutions that inspire breakthroughs and meaningful environmental and social benefits has signed on as North America Lead Partner.

Smart Cities Council is one of the preeminent thought leaders and policy drivers in North America, Australia, and India, with hundreds of cities, service providers and technology companies using it as a reference point for the state of play in Smart Cities.  SCC through its Academy Program, its Readiness Guide, and the transformational ‘Activator’ Project Design, Management, Visualization and Ideation Tool, provide the knowledge, tools and networks to take Smart Cities from being a point of discussion to a point of action.

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions will 

  • Participate in the US, accessing SCC’s ongoing Readiness Challenge which discovers upcoming projects in the pre-procurement phase, where the public sector needs the most help; and,
  • participate in the US, in Research Triangle’s Readiness Program, the largest in North America. The program will collaboratively scope innovative solutions to establish mobility data sharing in North Carolina’s Research Triangle.
  • Participate in the US, in Smart Cities Week at Connect X and Digital Twin Week

Newly launched, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, combines decades of experience in project development, operations and financing to design innovative solutions that fit within customers’ existing infrastructure or create new renewable energy or resiliency solutions that will address their needs and help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Comments on the news:

“Smart cities are critical to a more sustainable and resilient future. At Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, we are excited to improve the well-being and economies of communities as we provide the necessary energy infrastructure that can create real change in their communities and help their bottom line,” explains Michael Kilpatrick, Key Segment Manager – State and Local Government. 

“Smart Cities Council has had a long relationship with Duke Energy and we are proud of their commitment to our US based programs, which are designed to accelerate the livability, workability and sustainability of our communities,” states Philip Bane, Managing Director of Smart Cities Council.

About Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions - Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, which unifies products and services offered by several Duke Energy subsidiaries, including Duke Energy Renewables, REC Solar and Duke Energy One, is a leader in sustainable energy, helping large enterprises reduce power costs, lower emissions and increase resiliency. The team provides wind, solar, resilient backup power and managed energy services to over 1,000 projects across the U.S., with a total electric capacity of more than 5,100 megawatts of nonregulated renewable energy. 

To learn more about Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, visit: