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Decentralized Infrastructure Provider Nexsis joins Smart Cities Council as Global Partner

Submitted by Robyn Francis on June 9, 2024

Washington DC, USA – June 6, 2024 -- Smart Cities Council (SCC), the world largest and longest running Social Impact Organization focused on building positive, self-sustaining action and impact for Smart Cities and Communities, Buildings and Technologies is pleased to announce that Nexsis, a decentralized infrastructure technology provider, has joined as our latest Global Partner.

Based in Australia and Singapore, Nexsis is on a mission to provide sustainable access to clean drinking water, hot sanitation water, off-grid electricity, and IoT financial inclusion to billions of people around the world through a single solar-powered device: Nexsis Smart Panel.

Nexsis Smart Panel has been deployed successfully in Asia in rural, and peri-urban communities via partnerships with some of ASEANS largest conglomerates helping local families and micro-entrepreneurs gain reliable access to clean water, sanitation and solar power. Nexsis will launch similar projects and panel-manufacturing efforts in Africa, Latin America, and Europe in the coming years via partnerships with the African Development Bank, and leading LATAM and European companies

“As is made clear in our SCC Mission Statement to “create a safer, more beautiful, enabled, equitable, resilient and sustainable world, for Everyone”, and through our regional communities and indigenous communities Task Forces and activities, technologies like Nexsis’ decentralized infrastructure solutions for lighting, water, power storage and data are critical for nearly 40% of the world’s population”, said Corey Gray, President of Smart Cities Council.

“As our SCC activities expand further into the developing world in places like Latin America and Africa, as well as remote indigenous communities in countries like mine – Australia, and environmentally sensitive environments like the Maldives, and environmental imperatives and commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals become mandatory, solutions like Nexsis are environmentally, economically and socially transformational.”

Rob Pyman, CEO of Nexsis, added: “This partnership is a perfect fit for Nexsis, both in terms of our technology and our greater mission. We actively explore opportunities to help underserved populations gain access to essential life resources through clean and sustainable technology, and SCC will help empower us and the communities we serve. SCC is a marquee organization for smart infrastructure, and together we can deliver positive social, environmental and economic transformation at personal and global scale.”

For more information, visit Smart Cities Council or Nexsis.


Robyn Francis
Events and Engagement Lead
Smart Cities Council



Emma Vandermark

Public Relations for Nexsis