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Council Task Forces

Submitted by scc staff on January 19, 2017

Smart Cities Council task forces provide a neutral meeting ground for the public sector, the private sector, the research sector, the academic sector, and the non-profit sector. These stakeholders come together to determine the barriers to adoption and to work on initiatives to lower those hurdles. Many Task Forces contribute as trusted advisors to public sector leaders to raise awareness about the smart technologies that can improve livability, workability and sustainability. Our current task forces are highlighted below; learn more by clicking the task force title.

  Smart Cities Policy Task Force
The Smart Cities Policy Task Force is working to ensure leadership at all levels of government – from the Trump White House to Congress to state legislatures and city and county offices – understand that smart cities and communities must be front and center in any conversation about economic growth and sustainability. City Networks Task Force
A primary objective of the Smart Cities Council’s City Networks Task Force is to educate and empower stakeholders as they work to deploy the wireless and wireline broadband networks that are essential to smart city applications. Urban Mobility Task Force
The Smart Cities Council’s Urban Mobility Task Force will prepare cities to successfully implement solutions that reduce congestion, reduce costs, reduce carbon, and expand and integrate transportation services for a more safe, seamless, accessible and equitable mobility experience.Electric Companies Advancing Cities Task Force
Today there are obvious, inescapable synergies between utilities and the cities they serve. Just as utilities increasingly feel the pressure to modernize, so do city leaders. The Electric Companies Advancing Cities Task Force brings cities and utilities together to partner for a better, more sustainable energy future.