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Click, Share and get your surrounding Cleaned

Submitted by scc india staff on September 8, 2015

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation has taken the initiative to launch a new-age citizen centric solution service called 'BMC Sampark'. The service reinforces and supports the 'Swachh Bhubaneswar Abhiyan'.

The service allows citizens to register complaints on four basic service amenities viz – sanitation, street lighting, drinking water and sewerage and take corrective actions from the concerned officials  while enabling the aggrieved parties to keep track of their grievances and complaints.

The services are available on four platforms – Call Toll Free, Email, online portal and mobile app. The mobile app 'BMC Sampark' can be downloaded on any Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows phone.

Once the citizen registers a complaint, he/ she receives a unique complaint Id to keep a track of the complaint. On its path, the BMC forwards the compalint to the Action Taking Authority, who shares the same on its offical BMC M-Office app.

A Times of India report has quoted BMC spokesperson Srimanta Mishra as saying that "We are doing the entire exercise under Swachh Bhubaneswar Abhiyan. We have a dedicated a cell manned by IT experts, who handle the complaints. The app has been designed in such a way that a resident lodging a complaint through BMC official website will be visible therein," said.

The officials view and take actions against the complaints assigned to them through the official app, and accordingly resolve it and update the complainant about the same.

In simple words, a citizen can simply post a picture of an over-flowing garbage bin in his/ her surrounding on the 'BMC Sampark' app and get the same resolved by the civic authorities without taking the trouble to visit their office.

The BMC zone officer also said since the sanitary supervisors will have to file status report to their higher officers through the same app, there won't be dereliction of duty.

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