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City of Melbourne - Smart City Incubator Newest Projects

Submitted by laura.valeine@… on April 18, 2023

Our members and friends at City of Melbourne have some exciting new projects and use cases to share from their Smart City Incubator. Smart Cities Council was thrilled to host the Smart Cities Week 2023 in Melbourne and enjoyed this beautiful city so much. We are proud to share their clever projects that improve the city for the community.
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Social Spaces pilot - Designing public space with data (Launched December 2022) 

A chair designed using data, and using sensors and observational analysis to understand the efficacy of this data-led process and how well the design matches user needs in this specific context. Website offers to view a live data dashboard.


Data in the Park - Learning about our green spaces using sensors (Launched in 2020 and continuing in new parks)
Royal Park
Eades Park
Birrarung Marr
Argyle Square

Park spaces each have unique usage trends and neighbourhood activity. Melbourne is using sensors to understand patterns and trends to inform future operation/maintenance and design. Examples include measuring a new dog off-leash zone, playground equipment and basketball court. 


Remix Raingardens - Repurposing local waste for good (Launching 26 April, 2023)

This is a student-led, collaborative pilot installed on Turner Street in Fishermans Bend (voted to be pilot through community vote in the Innovation Challenge) that proposes using 100% recycled materials to create raingardens – to manage flooding, remove contaminants from stormwater and enable healthy plant life. Raingardens are technically designed gardens that filter and manage the flow of local rainwater, to avoid flooding and enable growth of plants and healthy habitats for animals.
Data from sensors, lab tests and observational data over minimum six months will be used to assess the pilot. The project uses application of sensors and tech in an important problem space, while involving the community and creating pilots that enable learning and engagement. 


Micro-Labs - Using data to measure and evolve a new kind of community space (Launched May 2022)

Using a variety of new and emerging technologies, the Micro-Labs pilot re-imagines these spaces and how we can make them more desirable, feasible and viable for those returning to the city.