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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on July 1, 2021

Apply to become a Readiness Cohort Leader for the 3rd Quarter of 2021 HERE

Benefts for participating -

You win by applying - As an applicant you gain access to Smart Cities Activator, the world’s most complete listing of upcoming smart city projects that make cities livable, workable and sustainable.

You win as a Finalist - If safe and you can travel, the Council will pay for all travel and lodging for a representative from your city to Smart Cities Week in Orlando - October 4, 2022 so you can present your projects to a live and virtual audience at Smart Cities Week

You win when selected as a Readiness Cohort Leader ('winner') - along with project acceleration, your city’s staff can earn the world’s only Smart Cities Practitioner certificate - in all, a value of over $250,000.

Applications due September 17, 2021.The Application is easy, taking about an hour. Tell us your problem, a project that will solve it and give us a letter from a senior city leader about your commitment.

Why Apply to be a Readiness Cohort Leaders ('winner')

  • Leadership will be recognized on a global stage
  • Will lead a cohort of peers for a calendar quarter, accessing the power and expertise of the worlds longest running smart cities body
  • For the rest of the year -
    • You will have collaborative engagement opportunities learning about leading solutions and opportunities for financing
    • You will receive expert advice and assistance in building your business case, risk analysis and implementation plans
    • You will be able to show your community progress on solving your city's problems
    • You will be showcased monthly through the Council's global digital platform, including editorial, case study development and a video interview series to share with others
  • This opportunity has a value of $250,000 - this is the benefit of being a Readiness Cohort Leader

A year of collaborative engagement with other cities - focusing on similar needs and problems. Learn from other cities.

  • Language is not a barrier - Smart Cities Activator publishes in over 150 languages
  • Time of day is not a barrier - preconfigured templates and an 'always on' platform
  • Travel is not a barrier - work collaboratively through our virtual platform - Smart Cities Activator

This is open to all cities everywhere and a Readiness Cohort Leader can be any city in the world that is willing to show leadership

More Information about Readiness Cohorts and Readiness Cohort Leaders

Instead of Readiness Challenge Winners this year, we will have Readiness Cohort Leaders - cities that are willing to share best practices and their own experiences with other cities - so that everyone can solve common problems.

  • A Readiness Cohort is a group of cities from around the world that have agreed to collaborate to solve a common need. Generally, a Readiness Cohort will have a ‘leader,’ which is a city that agrees to provide information at how that need manifests in its city so that everyone can understand it.  For example, what does congestion or urban flooding look like in Leader’s city and what are the possible solutions in the Leader’s city.
  • Using the Readiness Cohort Leader’s information and guided by the Council and experts, all cities in the cohort will be able to participate in a process of discovering all the necessary information, stakeholders and possible solutions. All of this work will be captured in Smart Cities Activator, the Council’s online collaborative platform so that all cities participating have a project plan that they can replicate once they add their specific information.