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Chandigarh homes to have digital door number system

Chandigarh homes
Submitted by scc india staff on February 19, 2021

The Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) is developing a digital door number system, which will include QR (quick response) code number, unique property ID, and GIS (geographic information system) mapping of residential and commercial properties in Chandigarh.

The QR code will provide the geo-coordinate, house number, and location of the property and authorized users will also be able to access information regarding different municipal services and pending bill payments. The water and electricity meter IDs will also be linked with the digital door number (DDN).

NP Sharma, chief general manager, CSCL, said, “DDN system is to properties what Aadhaar is to all Indian citizens. It will be a secure and unique identification number for each property to be used across and synced with all municipal services. The new unique ID will simplify the complex address system. It will help us create an accurate database for attributes of all commercial and residential properties.”

The estimated cost of the project is 10 crore, and CSCL is currently finalizing the request for proposal. It is also considering to take it up under corporate social responsibility.

The project provides the basic linkage between various services being provided by the MC and the administration to the citizens. The ID created through this system can be used to connect all the services and will ensure greater synergy between different departments.

As part of the project, mobile and web-based applications are also be developed. The main motive of this project is to provide digital addresses and geo-tagging of addresses. It will be synced with the Integrated Command and Control Centre being set up in Sector 17.

At the time of emergency, the citizens will only need to provide the unique ID of the property. Even for e-commerce sites and retailers, the residents only need to give the unique property ID for delivery.