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BSL begins awareness campaign for proper disposal of waste

Public Health Department
Submitted by Tanveer Padode on June 3, 2022

The Public Health Department (PHD) of Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) with the district administration initiated an awareness campaign among the vendors selling food items from handcarts and stalls in the city to dispose of the waste materials properly.

Public relations officer of BSL Soni Singh said that the shopkeepers neither keep waste buckets nor use dustbins set up by the company which is polluting and destroying the beauty of the city.

The PHD is appealing to the vendors to dispose of the waste properly or the department would initiate punitive action against the violating vendors.

Singh said that the BSL management is announcing over loudspeakers in sectors and markets. BSL officials said they have appealed to the shopkeepers and the vendors to keep waste buckets and motivate the customers to throw garbage in them.

Singh said that the awareness campaign also appeals to put the garbage in the nearest dustbin or hand it over to the garbage collectors. He added that for gatherings or events the residents should inform the department in advance of garbage removal. The residents are urged to generate less garbage recycle things and not dispose of waste.

Garbage is collected from 36000 households and markets daily and dumped on seven acres of open ground between Sector 11 and Sector 6.

Besides there are slums on about 2000 acres of land from where a massive amount of garbage is generated.

The proper management and disposal of waste every day on such a large scale is now challenging for BSL management.