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Brisbane Summit April 2023

Submitted by Robyn Francis on April 26, 2023

We were joined by members and partners in Brisbane for a one-day event that brought together leaders and decision-makers from both Queensland and New Zealand public and private sector as well as academia to launch the Task Forces established from the Summit under our global initiative, Everyone.

We also heard from Allan Manalo - Professor, University of Southern Queensland and Yas Grigaliunas - Founder & Chief Evangelist, Circonomy.

The Smart, Safe & Sustainable Buildings & Infrastructure panel addressed 6 key questions:

Question 1 - Considering the importance of sustainable infrastructure and the potential economic benefits, how can public and private sector collaboration be encouraged to drive innovation and investment in this space?  How can we ensure that such partnerships benefit all stakeholders, including local communities and the environment?

Question 2 -From a cultural and social perspective, what key factors must be considered when designing and implementing smart, safe, and sustainable buildings and infrastructure? How can we ensure that the built environment is inclusive and respectful of diverse cultural backgrounds, particularly for indigenous communities?

Question 3 -  Digital twin technology, AI, IoT, BIM, blockchain, remote sensing and spatial sciences are increasingly important in sustainable infrastructure development. How can these processes, technologies, and open standards be leveraged to most effectively address environmental challenges, such as climate change and resource depletion, while providing economic opportunities for businesses and communities?

Question 4 - With the growing adoption of digital currencies and their potential impact on infrastructure financing, how can we harness these technologies to incentivise decarbonisation efforts and support sustainable development? What are the potential economic, social, and environmental implications of using digital currencies in this context?

Question 5 - As the demand for sustainable infrastructure and clean energy grows, how can we ensure that the supply chain remains resilient and diverse, while also minimising environmental, cultural and social risks? What role can circular economy principles and new business models play in de-risking the supply chain and promoting long-term sustainability?

Question 6 - How can we integrate cultural, social, and environmental considerations into developing smart, safe, and sustainable buildings and infrastructure while creating economic opportunities for local communities? Can you provide examples of successful projects or initiatives that have achieved this delicate balance?

Speakers included:

  • Richard Simpson - Founding Director & CEO, Meta Moto
  • Ross Patane - Senior Partner, Findex
  • Noel Robinson - CEO & Managing Director, The NRA Collaborative
  • Andrew Curthoys - Strategic Advisor, Department of State Services, Queensland Government
  • Delton Chen - Project Director, Global Carbon Reward
  • Joseph Murdoch - Managing Director, Pathmakers
  • Cath Thrupp - Founder & CEO, CarbonPlanet

At the same time as a high point of interest and relevance, we featured our second Global Task Force, Digital Twins in Action. This session provided an overview of our work to date for our core global activity Composing Intelligent Transportation Hubs, a multi-consortia initiative to deliver a data-driven, technology-enabled, standardised global airport solution and subsequent workstreams for adjacent cities and transport infrastructure.

The Digital Twins in Action panel brought together experts to discuss the application of digital twins in a practical sense, and the all-important element - cyber security.

Speakers included:

  • Corey Gray - Global CEO, Smart Cities Council
  • Richard Simpson - Founding Director & CEO, Meta Moto
  • Harvey Marcus - Australian Director, aizoOn