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Book your seat at the Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate course

Submitted by Adam Beck on July 11, 2021

The Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate is a central part of the Smart Cities Academy - the SCC-led initiative for delivering quality smart cities training, knowledge exchange, networking and recognition. The credential allows individuals to be recognised for their knowledge and contribution to the industry.

Gaining the Practitioner Certificate credential is optional for participants in the Academy - you may complete modules without having to complete assessment items.

For those seeking the credential, successful completion of assessment items in the Foundation and Catalyst modules is required, specifically:

  • Foundation modules - both the 'Smart Cities Fundamentals' and 'Essentials for Smart Cities Action'; and
  • Catalyst module - a consolidated session covering 'Data Leadership', 'Sustainable Development Goals' and 'Data Activation'.

Following successful completion of the assessment items participants receive a digital certificate (PDF) of their credential. You will also receive an electronic logo to promote your credential in correspondence, reports, websites and more.

Your name and organisation will also be listed on the Smart Cities Academy website and promoted through regular news and notices should you choose to.

The Academy offers an ongoing annual credential maintenance program for practitioners seeking to ensure their knowledge and skills are fresh and relevant. It also allows your ongoing contribution to the industry to be acknowledged year on year.

The day-long online sessions scheduled for 2021 are:
  • Thursday 29 July
  • Wednesday 29 September
  • Monday 29 November
Book your seat at the Acadey now.