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Bhagalpur civic body prepares to build smart streets

Bhagalpur civic body
Submitted by scc india staff on February 12, 2021

The Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation (BMC) has proposed new guidelines for road repair and maintenance of the town area. The civic body says that in the first phase, 18 roads, having 11.41km length will be restructured and modernized.

Civic body sources also added that plans are afoot under Smart City projects to build swanky pedestrian footpaths, landscaping, sewage and drainage system, underground water supply pipelines, utility ducts, night lighting, constructing vending zones, zebra crossings, cycling tracks, etc, besides underpass for crossing the roads wherever there will be enough space. Re- engineering of the roads will also be done wherever required.

The roads to be restructured and given smarter looks include Lajpat Park roads (635 m), Zila School road (440 m), Naya Bazar-Kotwali chowk (500 m), Shanker Talkies-Khalifabagh (830 m), Kutchery Chowk – Manali Chowk (540 m), Radha Rani Sinha Road (750 m), Adampur chowk- Hotel Galaxy-Manali Chowk (1100 m), Naya Bazar – Shanker Talkies – Adampur (1460 m), Adampur–Manali Chowk–Tilkamanjhi Chowk (1600 m), Manik Sarkar chowk – Ghanta Ghar chowk (600 m), Kotwali Chowk – Khalifabagh Chowk – Ghanta Ghar Chowk (980 m) and Ghata Ghar Chowk – Kutchery Chowk – Tilkamanjhi Chowk (1980 m).

BMC commissioner ( in-charge) Satyendra Verma said drawing and design besides the bidding process for restructuring of roads are in the final stages. “Work for a model road will start at first as a pilot project, followed by work on 17 other roads. Coordination with the road construction department (RCD) and other departments concerned will be made for remodeling of the roads to allow hassle-free movement of traffic and pedestrians,” he added.

Bhagalpur was selected under the ‘Smart Cities Mission’, a central government-sponsored scheme launched in June 2015, in the second list for smart cities in May 2016. The central government had proposed to spend Rs 80,789 crore over five financial years (FY) starting from FY 2015-2016 with a plan outlay of Rs 100 crore on an average per year for the city’s development and an equal amount (on a matching basis) to be contributed by the state.

BMC deputy mayor Rajesh Verma said the cost for remodeling and restructuring city streets under the smart city project would entail an estimated outlay of Rs 300 crore. “The project tender has already been finalized and work is likely to start soon,” the deputy mayor said.