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B2BeeMatch joins Smart Cities Council as Global Partner

b2bee match
Submitted by Robyn Francis on June 7, 2024

Washington DC, USA – June 7, 2024

Smart Cities Council (SCC), the world largest and longest running Social Impact Organization focused on building positive, self-sustaining action and impact for Smart Cities, Buildings and Technologies is pleased to announce that Canada-based global business-to-business matchmaking platform, B2BeeMatch, has joined as our latest Global Partner.

B2BeeMatch is a global business-to-business matchmaking platform fostering connection, collaboration and cross-pollination among small and medium businesses. B2BeeMatch delivers AI-assisted lead generation, business-first communication features and business development opportunities for thought leadership, trade missions, and more. Through powerful technology and user-centric design, B2BeeMatch revolutionizes one-stop business networking, facilitating sustainable growth and strategic alliances.

“As a global organization for whom collaboration, along with capability and capacity building, is a critical pillar of how we create and deliver value for our global network of over 400,000, the value of the B2BeeMatch platform is clear”, said Corey Gray, President of Smart Cities Council.

“Allowing our members and partners seamlessly to publish their profiles, capabilities, needs and value propositions, and then to find businesses and organizations with which to partner, buy from, sell to, learn from – or even simply to share Use Cases with – is a huge benefit that SCC now offers. In time this can extend to our Global Intern Program and Academia Partnership Program.”

Founder and CEO of B2BeeMatch, Karima-Catherine Goundiam, added, “Smart Cities Council is obviously the world’s marquee global organization for smart cities, buildings and technologies, so that of course makes for an attractive partnership. But for B2BeeMatch, a critical aspect of our decision-making was our alignment on values. SCC isn’t just a huge global network—in the same way that B2BeeMatch is not just another software platform. We share a mission to deliver positive social, environmental and economic transformation at a global scale. At B2BeeMatch, we are focused on making a positive, self-sustaining impact by fostering and enabling cross-sector collaboration in a way and at a pace that’s a perfect match for what the smart cities sector wants to achieve.”

For more information, contact:

Robyn Francis
Events and Engagement Lead
Smart Cities Council

Karima-Catherine Goundiam
Founder and CEO