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Australia New Zealand Blueprint for Digital Twin action released to accelerate sustainability across built and natural environment

Submitted by Adam Beck on July 7, 2021


Moves to see a thriving Digital Twin marketplace across Australia and New Zealand were revealed today with the release of a draft Blueprint, stewarded by the Smart Cities Council (SCC).

Digital Twins, for all” - the Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Blueprint – was released in draft form today at a gathering of government and industry leaders in Wellington New Zealand.

SCC Executive Director Adam Beck said, “This document is the product of hundreds of stakeholders working together for the past 2 years across Australia, New Zealand and beyond”. “And our goal is clear - to catalyse a thriving Digital Twin marketplace in the region so we can activate data and create value for decision makers in the natural and built environments.”

To respond to a more dynamic and uncertain world and to take advantage of tomorrow’s economic opportunities, we need to rethink the way our built and natural environment is planned, built and managed, and how services are delivered.

This will only be possible if we embrace new open technologies - like Digital Twins - that allows more integrated, productive and sustainable physical and natural asset stewardship with the help of data insights. With a culture of data leadership and valuing data as an asset, a Digital Twin journey can help share, decide and communicate the performance of places, landscapes, assets and systems.

The SCC has stewarded an open and collaborative process of shaping the direction of the Draft Blueprint and co-creating the content with stakeholders. The Council’s Digital Twin Task Force was a key driver in shaping the direction of the Blueprint. The document was hosted in an open online environment with the link to edit the document made freely available on request to stakeholders.

Beck said “this document is not a strategy, but rather a resource that we hope informs policy-related activities by governments of all levels across the region as well as the work of our fellow industry bodies and professional associations.” “The Blueprint provides a series of draft recommendations based on engagement with government, industry and academia relating to Digital Twin capability development, leadership and governance, standards, use cases and research priorities.”

The Draft Blueprint is now available for stakeholder feedback and the SCC hopes that stakeholders from all sectors across the natural and built environment reviews the document and helps improve it.

“We still have a lot of stakeholder engagement to do before we finalise the document and we hope that policy makers, practitioners and academics alike who are seeking a more sustainable natural and built environment provides feedback.” 

About the Smart Cities Council

The Smart Cities Council is the world’s largest network of smart cities companies, practitioners and policy makers, embracing technology, data and intelligent design to accelerate liveability, workability, and sustainability in our cities and towns.

The Council administers the Australia New Zealand Digital Twin Hub, a community platform created for those who own, create or participate in the Digital Twin ecosystem and wish to learn more or participate in the creation of a thriving Digital Twin market place in Australia and New Zealand.

The Council also is host of Digital Twin Week, the premier event for Digital Twin knowledge sharing and networking across Australia and New Zealand.

Further information about the Smart Cities Council can be found here.

Media contact: Adam Beck on +61 422 496043.