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Are Sydney's property and infrastructure owners prepared for autonomous mobility?

autonomous mobility
Submitted by Adam Beck on December 30, 2020

By Stephen Taylor | Australian Cities Director, Arcadis

Whether it’s a report on the NSW Government’s driverless vehicle trials, news of predicted job losses, Elon Musk’s latest controversial tweet, or someone’s utopian vision of free, on-demand transport for all, it seems a day doesn’t go by without connected automated vehicles (CAVs) being in the news. The so-called ‘second age of the machine’ – marking the rise and increasing sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics – is surely upon us.

Yet for all the flurry of information on virtually every aspect of driverless technologies, there has been very little discussion about how Sydney’s major property and infrastructure owners are planning and preparing for AVs on our city’s streets and roads.

In partnership with the Committee for Sydney, Arcadis has sought to address this gap by surveying and interviewing some of Sydney’s largest private owners of commercial, residential, retail and mixed-use properties, as well as representatives of local and state government.

Through this process, we asked participants about their preparedness for the potential impacts of AVs and connected automated vehicles (CAVs) on the built form within our city, as well as what’s blocking, what’s supporting and what could support better preparedness. We also asked what, in their view, a successful autonomous future would look like.

You can download 'Are Sydney's Property and Infrastructure Owners prepared for Autonomous Mobility' here.