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AI to make Pune a truly “Smart City”

Submitted by scc india staff on December 5, 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world as it’s being increasingly applied in literally each and every field. AI plays a key role in securing smart cities. For this, the University of Toronto has partnered with IIT-Bombay to deploy AI to make Pune a truly Smart City in India.

It will be the first project under the recent MoU signed by Pune Smart City Development Corporation, University of Toronto, and IIT-Bombay. The long-term partnership focuses on tackling the large number of rural immigrants arriving in Pune, cyber security, digital systems interoperability and affordable housing.

Mark Fox, Professor of Urban Systems Engineering at the University, is leading the project and would arrive in Pune sometime in December.

AI would be deployed to standardize Pune’s data. The University said developing data standards can help Pune as well as other cities to improve the analysis, design, and delivery of city services. Over 220 faculty members in the university work in urban research.

Mark Fox, who has been involved in the field of AI since 1974, was interested in working in India ever since the government announced "Smart Cities Mission" in 2015 to build 100 smart cities by 2020.

Pune will reportedly serve as a test case and also as a template for AI to be leveraged for finding solutions in a rapidly urbanizing country like India.