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Accelerate Project Funding with the 2022 US Readiness Challenge

Apply to the Readiness Challenge
Submitted by Connie Heath on February 9, 2022

Partnering with Government of Canada

Government of Canada


5 Year Anniversary with over 21 previous winners!

Launches February 15 - Get access to your Application here.

With over billions in US Federal Infrastructure Funding to be awarded in the next 4 years, you need all the help you can get to secure this funding and implement projects.

Here are three distinct reasons to apply for the US Readiness Challenge

  1. Expert advice on scoping data and technology solutions for specific projects - which will accelerate funding.
  2. Year-long online capability and project planning resources -which will engage all stakeholders.
  3. Join an elite cohort of cities agree that helping all cities is as important as helping your city.

This is what previous Readiness Challenge Winners have said about the Readiness Program.

Specifically, Readiness Challenge Winners receive (at no cost):

Dakota Korth, Trade Commissioner from Consulate General of Canada in Detroit added “The Government of Canada has a strong interest in the ability of the smart cities sector to improve livability, workability, and sustainability. Canadian companies are highly active in this sector and are well-placed to contribute to the global advancement of technology that underlies the smart city concept. We are excited to work with the Smart Cities Council in extending our innovation solutions to US cities and in deepening the important relationship between our two countries.”

Let’s get started!
The 2022 Readiness Challenge is open to any US local, state or regional authority that represents local resident interests. Includes Metro Planning Organizations, Council of Governments, innovation districts, academic campuses, military bases, ports, harbors and airports.

Cities are encouraged to expand their applicant group to include as many local stakeholders as they can, such as nonprofits, academia and commercial interests.  Regionalize your efforts to have a greater impact on your residents.

The application only takes an hour to complete. The deadline for the first phase is March 31, 2022.

Request your application here.