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5G and the public realm

5G and the public realm
Submitted by Adam Beck on November 30, 2020

The Smart Cities Council 5G Community of Practice has identified a series of qualities and priorities for the public realm, and the issues to be managed with respect to deployment and management of the next generation 5G communications network.

Amenity and safety continue to be a high priority for cities, but many strategies offer opportunities for outcomes that maintain a high level of amenity, while delivering best in class 5th generation telecommunication services.

5G and the public realm

Key notes:

  • effective collaboration between local Council's and telco companies is critical to success

  • detailed urban design and landscape guidelines are needed to support 5G deployment

  • minimum levels of capacity building for local government planners, urban designers, landscape architects and maintenance crews is considered essential

  • support from national governments is key to help build consistent and independent messaging on the health impacts of 5G