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5 Minutes with Iman Ghaffari

Submitted by Robyn Francis on April 27, 2022


Iman is a civil engineer with experience on various civil projects especially residential housing estates all around Australia. Having had firsthand and on-ground experience in the urban development and growth sector, Iman understands the challenges and opportunities of the future of urban development and strives to address those including the potential to effectively leverage technology and data.

Iman is setting out to ensure that existing and prospective ANZ members are well looked after. 

1In your role, you're interacting with new and prospective members. What member benefit are you most looking forward to taking to market?  

Oh, there are so many. I think as part of having an active community I really like the in review project sessions which members can use (both private and government) to present their ideas and projects to us or other members and get feedback on them. I'd also love to hear from members - what excites you about being a part of SCC, what can we do better? Tell me, here. 

2What do you think is next on the smart cities agenda?

I am very excited about our recent publication of Smart Nation, which outlines our collective requests from the winning party after the Australian Federal election and will be taken forward to them. In this aspect, I also really like our data leadership series of webinars which touch on data equity, privacy and governance. I think these are certainly some of the underlying challenges and obstacles that need to be addressed for a smarter future for our cities and communities.

3Travel is opening up - what's a city you're looking forward to visiting? 

I am very excited to be going to NZ for our upcoming NZ digital twin summit in Wellington in July. In addition to this, I am planning on an Australia-wide tour to talk to prospective members and meet some of the existing members of the SCC.

4How do you unwind?  

I’m pretty extroverted and active, so if I’m not working or at the gym, I’m generally out and about with friends or family or at the beach. I am definitely energised by being around interesting people.

5What are you watching, listening to and reading?  

My go-to music is mainly 60s and 70s soft rock and at the moment I’m immersing myself in quite a bit of the Bee Gees. To up my knowledge and keep myself up to date with Smart City matters, I try and read quite a bit in this space ranging from articles to books on sustainability. I’m a sucker for classic sitcoms so a lot of rewatching Seinfeld in my downtime.


Connect with Iman, here.