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3 Things About Everyone

Everyone included
Submitted by Philip Bane on October 5, 2022

We announced on September 30, 2022, the launch of our new initiative 'Everyone' and the appointment of our new global CEO, Corey Gray. There are three things to know -

  • Everyone moves our focus from tools (innovation, technology and data) to people
  • Everyone doubles-down on cities engaging other cities and all stakeholders
  • Everyone is about impact

Advancing ten years of work with a powerful vision

Everyone is the intersection of many years of effort by the Council and the vision of our friend, Corey Gray, founder and Chairman of LVX Global, a long-time partner of the Council. Everyone is built on our previous work -

  • Compassionate Cities - in 2016 we launched this program to help cities extend the benefits of technology to vulnerable citizens. Most of our effort was around discovery and sharing. Everyone will extend this program so that there is an impact.
  • Mitigating the Impact of Flooding on Vulnerable Populations. For over a year, we worked with Nashville on developing solutions for mitigating the impact of flooding on CDC-defined vulnerable populations (socio-economic status, age, race and ethnicity, English language proficiency, medical issues and disability.) This was an effort to repair years of red-lining where vulnerable populations were housed in areas of greater risk to hazards.
  • Improving Community Resilience with Data - this webinar with the Nashville and Orange County (FL) and Xylem, Neighbourlytics and State of Place reflected joint efforts to advance the well-being of communities by addressing problems arising from hazards and inequities that are systemic.

2023 is a year of 'impact' with 21 workshops over 26 days!

The Council has produced over sixty (60) workshops in the past five years and we have ambitious plans for North America in 2023. We will be producing over twenty-six (26) days of deep-dive workshops about the three foundations of smart cities - energy, communications and data. Specifically -

Green Tour (energy) - day-long workshops in nine (9) different cities where we explore how cities can deliver impactful energy solutions for energy efficiency, electric vehicle charging and renewables. Cities on the tour include Coral Gables, FL, Las Vegas, NV, Washington DC, Raleigh, NC, Colorado Springs, CO and Orlando, FL.

  • Honoring our Everyone initiative, we will review successful efforts to mitigate city 'hot-spots' and lower the cost of energy to vulnerable populations.

Connected Communities Tour (communications) - in partnership with Dense Networks, the Council will produce day-long workshops in eight (8) different cities where we explore how communications infrastructure is essential for IoT and analytics. Cities on the roadshow include Las Vegas, NC, Los Angeles, CA, Washington DC, New Orleans, LA, Cary, NC, Fort Meyers, FL and Phoenix, AZ.

  • Honoring our Everyone initiative, we will review successful efforts to overcome digital divides.

Digital Twin Roadshow (data) - two-day workshops where we deep-dive into city use cases for using analytics, simulation and visualization ('digital twins.') These workshops are unique in that research universities will show us what is coming and solution providers and cities will show us what is possible with 'use-case' analysis and demonstrations. The roadshow has already been scheduled in Arizona Digital Twins (January,) Florida Digital Twins (February) and Texas Digital Twins (April.)

  • Honoring our Everyone initiative, the Council will include use-cases that make cities sustainable and resilient for 'everyone.'

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