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3 market reports not to miss: Smart street lights, IoT security, stop-start vehicles

Submitted by scc staff on May 8, 2015

Knowing where today's markets are heading – and when – can help cities chart their smart city roadmaps. Scroll down for new reports on smart street lighting, Internet of Things security and stop-start vehicles.

84% of world's streetlights will be LEDs by 2025; 37% networked or smart
Cities will invest $64 billion in LED and smart street lights by 2025, according to a study from the Northeast Group, a market intelligence firm. Rapidly falling costs and clear benefits have led to a sharp increase in the number and scale of LED and smart street light projects in the past year, the researchers say, indicating there are currently more than 2,000 LED and smart street light projects across 90 countries.

"With LEDs approaching cost parity with legacy street lights, their energy and maintenance savings make the business case a no-brainer," said Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group. "By 2025, LED and smart street lights around the world will save 97,900 GWh annually, the equivalent of $12.9 billion in electricity costs per year. Smart street lighting will also pave the way for additional 'smart city' applications such as smart parking meters, environmental sensors and video monitoring."

The Northeast Group report -- Global LED and Smart Street Lighting: Market Forecast (2015 – 2025) Volume II – list Council Lead Partners GE and Itron and Associate Partners Elster and Silver Spring Networks as major vendors in this market.

Smart cities driving strong growth in IoT security market
Research firm TechNavio says the growing need for regulatory compliance has resulted in the unprecedented growth of the global Internet of Things (IoT) security market, which it expects to post a CAGR of 55% from 2015-2019.

“With so much information passing between people, governments are taking steps to secure networks from hackers and viruses by establishing strict regulatory frameworks,” says Faisal Ghaus, Vice President of Technavio. "To ensure safe and secure communication between devices and their efficient functioning, it is important to maintain the security of the network infrastructure by implementing IoT security solutions," Ghaus adds.

In its report -- Global IoT Security Market 2015-2019 – it cites key vendors in the space, including Council Lead Partner Cisco and Associate Partners Intel and Siemens.

Stop-start vehicles forecast at 55% of sales by 2024
Stop-start systems which allow a car's engine to stop automatically instead of idling when it is stationary and to quickly restart when it is time to resume driving, are gaining increased acceptance from both automakers and vehicle owners, according to a Navigant Research report. The researchers say vehicles with stop-start capability are expected to account for 55% of all light-duty vehicles sold by 2024, increasing from 22% in 2015.

Besides providing greater fuel economy, advanced stop-start functionality also requires that other systems are also electrified and made more efficient. Less idling should also improve air quality.

The report – Stop-Start Vehicles – suggests smoother and faster operation is key to stop-start systems gaining acceptance in North America.

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