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Chris Castro
Chris Castro
Sustainability & Resilience Director
City of Orlando

The modules delivered through the Academy cater for early career practitioners as well as advanced professionals and policy makers seeking recognition of their ongoing contribution to the industry.
Sabina Saksena
Sabina Saksena
Founder & CEO
Cytilife, Inc.

SCC's Practitioner's Certification was the best choice to advance our mission and projects in MN
Arun Padmanadhan
Arun Padmanadhan
Enterprise Cloud Architect – Government and Education

My goal is to assist local and city governments with innovative technology solutions to deliver efficient and sustainable services to its citizens.
Deniz Celik
Deniz Celik, Smart City Specialist & Lecturer
M.U.P. Master of Urban Design
CUNY/ The City College of New York

This course is highly recommended to help gain a better understanding of how we can design a smart city framework
Mark Verheyen
Mark Verheyen
President North America
LVX Global

the Council understands the issues faced by cities and municipalities and has been actively supporting them in their efforts
John Cureton
John Cureton, MBE, CBRS
Certified Professional Installer (CPI)
Urban Harvest Partnership dba UHP WIRELESS NETWORKS

As a technologist, it educated me on the language and instruments used by our municipal peers
TJ Cawley
TJ Cawley
Morrisville, NC

I strongly recommend taking this and other courses through the Academy
Samuel Alatorre
Samuel Alatorre
Senior Planner

the Smart Cities Practitioner Certification course provides a comprehensive view
Jeff Benavides
Jeff Benavides, LEED AP O+M, ISSP-SPC
Chief Sustainability and Resilience Officer
Orange County Government: County Administrator’s Office

I recommend this course for any local government staff member