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“The Academy provided a foundational understanding of the industry definitions, governance and leadership models, procurement and financing examples, project development, public policy, and other elements that are needed to advance more sustainable, equitable, and resilient cities.”

Chris Castro
Orlando’s Sustainability & Resilience Director

"I have been following the SCC like scripture for over 6 years and find it the most credible, global and expert-based source of information and progress in the Smart City space. Both for my 6 year start-up in this space, as well as being one of the Founding Members of Smart North, an organization dedicated to digital equity and accelerating the pace of smart city tech adoption in MN, SCC's Practitioner's Certification was the best choice to advance our mission and projects in MN. As a result, we have now three Founding Members of Smart North that are certified Smart City Practitioners!"

Sabina Saksena
Founder & CEO
Cytilife, Inc.

Smart Cities Academy Testimonial